This summer enjoy Aquatica in Orlando

This summer come and enjoy one of the water parks that has the magical city of Orlando …. Remember, we are your best adviser for your holiday great fun !!!! And what you have here ….

Aquatica, you’ll enjoy …
Ihu’s Breakaway Falls â„¢ – the highest multi slide, steep and long – first of its kind in Orlando – is now open to Aquatica, SeaWorld’s water park.
What the brave are prepared to climb 126 steps to reach the top of the eight-story tower (about 25 meters) and enter one of the three boxes divider colors! When the door is closed, visitors will cross their arms and lifted his thumb to signal that they are ready for fall.

Bathers can see each other while falling soil of them disappears. You can never guess who will be the first to drop or who’s next, all this will be part of the exciting water attraction that will have your heart beating fast. Once the ground disappears, visitors will fall between 8-12 meters per second to end in a spiral slide and reach the end with a dip.

For those who do not dare to try splitter boxes you can enjoy the slide open. But do not be fooled, this is no ordinary slide, is the highest of the four swimmers landslides and many say it is the most intense.

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is the main reason to visit Orlando this summer Aquatica. From the challenge of height, incredible speed and intense falls, this new attraction will bring a new level of excitement to this amazing park has activities for all ages.

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